0.27.2 (2024-04-01)

  • fix non-translated enum override hash #1198

  • higher order hints for @extend_schema_field (case 2) #1174 #1212

  • Add support for TypeAliasType (#1214) [igorgaming]

  • DRF 3.15 counteract new assertion for tests

  • Add a specific Action Wrapper for OAuth Authorization requests #1190 [Bram Esposito]

  • Update SWAGGER_UI_DIST settings.rst [Alfie Day]

  • fix custom http_method_names for actions #1184

  • Add support for direct usage of higher order hints #1174

  • Document extend_schema_view support for @action (#1178) [johnthagen]

  • remove official 3.6 support due to upstream breakage.

  • Add auth extension for django-rest-knox [Callum Gare]

  • fix yaml encoder for OrderedDict objects #1158

  • fix linter warning #1158

  • Update link to redoc settings [Andrey Otto]

  • Add tags support to OpenApiWebhook [Federico Bond]

  • set Cross-Origin-Opener-Policy on Swagger-UI view [ftsell]

Breaking changes / important additions:

  • Some bugfixes and some functionality gaps closed.

0.27.1 (2024-01-18)

  • differentiate test cases for 3.1 null cases #1139

  • add enum suffix setting [Jonny Beaumont]

  • Fix handling of metadata when using OAS 3.1 [Viicos]

  • Provide all fixed field names for the components object [Sergei Maertens]

  • coerse Decimal to float format explicitly #1134

  • bugfix test #1133

  • add OAS 3.1 null translation case #1133

  • Add OpenAPI 3.1 webhook support [Federico Bond]

  • add OAS 3.1 null case

Breaking changes / important additions:

  • Fixed some OAS 3.1 corner cases and added support for Webhooks (3.1) in addition to existing Callbacks

0.27.0 (2023-12-12)

  • improve mypy typing #600

  • add django 5 to test suite and adapt to changes #1126

  • Use correctly allowed http methods for schema generation [Jekel]

  • OAS 3.1

  • Fix Enum collision with same choices & varying labels #790 #1104

  • Undo adding middleware [Jelmer Draaijer]

  • Set JWTTokenUserAuthentication to None when missing [Jelmer Draaijer]

  • Add setuptools required for packaging [Jelmer Draaijer]

  • Add allauth.account.middleware.AccountMiddleware to middleware [Jelmer Draaijer]

  • Add Python 3.12 to test matrix and add classifiers [Jelmer Draaijer]

  • Add official support for pydantic decoration.

  • bugfix ignored OpenApiRequest case #1106

  • JSONField may also be a non-object/primitive #1095

  • add test for empty whitelist (no auth) #1094

  • Avoid ChoiceField duplicate enum values for allow_null, allow_blank (#1085) [Marti Raudsepp]

  • add test for django-filter and ListAPIView #1086

  • Fix the blueprint for pydantic version 2 [Carmen Alvarez]

Breaking changes / important additions:

  • Biggest release in quite some time that contains a bunch of long running PR that finally found their way into master.

  • We now officially support OpenAPI 3.1 and Pydantic 2

  • Quite a few bug fixes (thanks to all contributors) and improved typing

0.26.5 (2023-09-23)

  • update FAQ entry on extension loading

  • Fix (#1079) crash when generating schema for field with UUID choices. [Pedro Borges]

  • chore: fix typos [Heinz-Alexander Fuetterer]

  • Use schema_url in SpectacularElementsView (#1067) [q0w]

  • add helper to disable viewset list detection #1064

  • pin django-allauth test dep due to breaking change with dj-rest-auth

  • fix example building for pagination with basic list #1055

  • Fix discarded falsy examples values #1049

Breaking changes / important additions:

  • Added helper function forced_singular_serializer to disable a list detection on a endpoint, that has been quite difficult to properly undo previously. This closes the functional gap for @extend_schema_serializer(many=False) in single-use (non-envelope) situations.

  • Several small bugfixes

0.26.4 (2023-07-23)

  • fix django-polymorphic empty serializer case #1029 #542

  • Add a blueprint for pydantic 2 [Carmen Alvarez]

  • bugfix exclude behavior on subclassing #1025

  • relax django-filter subclassing restriction #1022

  • factor out serializer name estimation for easier modification #976

  • Fixing Pydantic Extension (#1021) [sydney-runkle]

  • add Authorization header for oauth2 Bearer token [Danial]

  • allow already supported lazy string in types #982

Breaking changes / important additions:

  • some minor bugfixes as well as improvements to django-filter and django-polymorphic.

  • it is now significantly easier to adapt serializer naming via AutoSchema subclassing.

0.26.3 (2023-06-22)

  • allow implicit list expansion of PolymorphicProxySerializer #995

  • selectively distinguish real serializers from mocked ones #1006

  • fix functionality gap for decoration of django-filter fields #1007

  • add pydantic blueprint

  • robustify subclass check in extensions #1006

  • Prevent exception for non-serializer classes targeted by SerializerExtensions #1006

  • add middleware support for djangorestframework_camel_case

  • close functionality gap in drf dataclasses naming #1004

  • fix: Camelize query parameters [v.kovalchuk]

  • docs(examples): Fix wrong bool value in example [schew2381]

  • bugfix test #991

  • bugfix duplicate enum list for django-filter #991

  • dj-rest-auth test changes 3.x -> 4.x

  • Add blocks to redoc template #978

Breaking changes / important additions:

  • no major changes but a multiude of small improvements.

  • we are now a lot more tolerant when it comes to writing extensions for non-standard classes (e.g. Pydantic).

  • there should be no unexpected schema changes except for when djangorestframework_camel_case’s Middleware is used.

0.26.2 (2023-04-15)

  • fix jwt cookie name settings not being recognised (#972) [Nix Siow]

  • Add OpenApiRequest for encoding options #714 #965

Breaking changes / important additions:

  • small bugfix release that also contains the new OpenApiRequest feature

0.26.1 (2023-03-18)

  • reorder typed polymorphic fields #958

  • Fix test warnings [Dmitry Gribanov]

  • Fix PolymorphicSerializer type field handling #885 #958

  • Add PresentablePrimarKeyRelatedField schema for drf-exrta-fields blueprint [Đào Minh Hạt]

  • bugfix KeyError for disabled ENUM_GENERATE_CHOICE_DESCRIPTION #952

Breaking changes / important additions:

  • small bugfix release that addresses a issue when turning off choice description generation

  • improve/bugfix PolymorphicSerializer type field handling

0.26.0 (2023-03-04)

  • honor djangorestframework_camel_case settings “ignore_keys” and “ignore_fields” #945

  • If available, use docstrings from properties for field descriptions (#954)

  • Don’t let validators override values already set in the schema (#911) [StopMotionCuber]

  • add test and another case to #901

  • add enum key/value list to description string #337 #403 #105 #563

  • Add option to provide a callable for PolymorphicProxySerializer.serializers [Glenn Matthews]

  • consolidate sort fix for enum sorting

  • add testcase to #950. ensure raw schema dict remains unmodified

  • Don’t edit the original django-filters schema. [Will Giddens]

  • Fix typos and grammar errors in FAQ doc page. [Foad Lind]

  • fix OpenApiResponse nested example defaults #875

  • mitigate fail when GDAL library is not installed #945 #821 #775 #777

  • bugfix SlugRelatedField with a model property target #943

  • suppress erroneous warning for optional extensions #940

  • fix whitelist mechanics (enables deny all) #923

  • mitigate many=True with default array value #936

  • fix dj-rest-auth>=3.0.0 breaking changes #937

  • Update

  • add swagger UI template blocks for customization [Jan Lis]

  • Add support for drf ReturnList and ReturnDict hint [zengqiu]

  • add example/test for DynamicFieldsModelSerializer #375 #912

  • adapt test schema for dj-rest-auth 2.2.6

  • clarify docs for postproc hook mechanics #908

  • Add test for custom serializer field pagination #904

  • fix: let use a default value for foreignkey model field [Frederic de Zorzi]

Breaking changes / important additions:

  • A lot of bug fixes and a few feature additions.

  • We now render a descriptive Enum key/value list into the description by default. Opt-out with new setting ENUM_GENERATE_CHOICE_DESCRIPTION.

  • Beware that we now extract more docstrings. Check your schema diff on update whether you are now leaking unintended information.

  • The whitelist mechanics changed slightly on what is considered default behavior.

  • Fix a breaking change in dj-rest-auth>=3.0.0

  • It should not be possible to run the tests without installing system libraries like GDAL for the contrib tests

0.25.1 (2022-12-16)

  • Fix warning source line performance regression #889 #897

  • improve warning for transient @api_view objects #889

  • adapt package arg due to setuptools deprecation #786

  • utilize queryset for SlugRelatedField #897

Breaking changes / important additions:

  • Bugfix release that addresses a performance regression in SpectacularApiView and an oversight in the now stricter handling of SlugRelatedField

0.25.0 (2022-12-13)

  • Fix missing description for ManyRelatedField and tested for SlugField (#895) [StopMotionCuber]

  • Simplify hashable_values #833

  • Add custom settings to CLI (view parity) #892

  • fix function misnomer #891

  • improve trace messages / warnings & add color #866

  • Treat SlugRelatedField analog to PrimaryKeyRelatedField #854

  • Include filename in call to _get_sidecar_url [Justin Spencer]

  • add django-parler blueprint #887

  • add a view to handle SwaggerUI oauth callbacks (#882) [Finn-Thorben Sell]

  • improve documentation

  • Introduce setting DEFAULT_QUERY_MANAGER to allow other managers for querset retrieval

  • fix flake8 6.0.0 breaking change

  • fix example list detection (symmetry with schema) #872

  • Use direct view methods for getting serializer instances [Numerlor]

  • name overrides for rest_framework_dataclasses #839

  • decouple TypedDict class from Py version #861 #654

  • bugfix djangorestframework_camel_case #861

  • bugfix djangorestframework_camel_case nested object handling #861

  • Utils: Replace List[] with Sequence[], because of Mypy note ‘List is invariant. Consider using Sequence instead.’ [Hans Aarne Liblik]

  • Fixed minor typos [Conrad]

  • Removing blank and null keys when generating the overridden choices hash to match the hash generation logic in the enum post processor hook [Trent Holliday]

  • fix test fixture overlap #826

  • specify min patch release for DRF (fixes #812)

  • Preserve context in get_list_serializer. [Brady Dean]

  • Allow field extensions to return None from map_serializer_field [Andrew Backer]

Breaking changes / important additions:

  • Officially set the lower bound for DRF version to 3.10.3

  • Refactored the CLI warning system for better code navigation / orientation, GUI support and color!

  • Some minor mechanics changes, several overall improvements, feature additions, and a few bugfixes.

0.24.2 (2022-09-26)

  • robustify extension class loading #821

  • fix regression due to GIS import for django-filter #821

Breaking changes / important additions:

  • Hotfix release to mitigate optional GDAL import errors for django-filter.

0.24.1 (2022-09-23)

  • bugfix GeometryFilter for GIS and django-filter #814

  • NullBooleanField comment and add 3.14.0 to test suite #818

  • fix: #816 NullBooleanField does not exist in DRF >= 3.14.0 [Laurent Tramoy]

  • fix GIS source lookup with hops #813

  • Add blueprint for Stoplight Elements docs UI [Alex Burgel]

  • fix OpenApiParameter enum and pattern for many=True #808

Breaking changes / important additions:

  • Hotfix release to mitigate removal of NullBooleanField in DRF 3.14.0

  • Small fixes to OpenApiParameter and django-filter

0.24.0 (2022-09-14)

  • fix yaml serialization error on Django SafeString #802

  • mitigate DRF bug in ObtainAuthToken < 3.12.0 #796

  • add FAQ entry for django-csp errors #173 #797

  • bugfix TokenMatchesOASRequirements #469 and JWTCookieAuthentication #626

  • add custom redoc settings option

  • fix error with PrimaryKeyRelatedField on non-ModelSerializer #353

  • provide context to serializer for @extend_schema use-cases #699

  • add example value hint to doc #788

  • fix packages= so top_level.txt is correct [anthony sottile]

  • Adding documentation for the OpenApiParameter ‘many’ argument [Paul Wayper]

  • Extend OpenApiSerializerExtension interface. #392 #705

  • Include context with request when instantiating serializers [Mike Hansen]

Breaking changes / important additions:

  • Some minor gaps closed in the extension interface and serializer context initialization. It is a y-stream release, because there remains a small chance of change for users that sport non-standard customizations.

0.23.1 (2022-07-26)

  • improve CAMELIZE_NAMES doc #774

  • move import into build_geo_schema function [bidaya0]

Breaking changes / important additions:

  • Hotfix release to mitigate unwanted import of optional GIS features that depend on GDAL. GDAL is not a new requirement.

0.23.0 (2022-07-25)

  • fix infinite recursion when accessing missing attributes in generator stats [Oleg Hoefling]

  • fix list pagination when examples are provided [topher235]

  • accept integer status codes in OpenApiExample [Nicholas Guriev]

  • Missing “:” in example documentation [Josué Millán Zamora]

  • Flip direction for callbacks serializers [Justas]

  • grammar fix [Kojo Idrissa]

  • fix sidecar for alternate staticfile storages #718

  • add support for rest_framework_gis

  • add mechanism to handle custom ListSerializers with extensions

  • Update based on review [johnthagen]

  • Hyphenate in-memory [johnthagen]

  • Add FAQ entry for how to serve in-memory generated files [johnthagen]

  • add pattern to OpenApiParameter #738

  • Add test that extend_schema_field on django-filter is not modified [Take Weiland]

  • Do not forcefully overwrite enum setting on custom django-filter schema [Take Weiland]

  • django-filter: Enable type extraction fallback for MultipleChoiceFilter as well [Take Weiland]

  • Add examples camelization note to [Zac Miller]

  • fix codecov badge url issue on github #713

Breaking changes / important additions:

  • A whole bunch of smaller bug fixes.

  • OpenAPI Callbacks should now be production ready

  • Introduction of rest_framework_gis support. This might impact APIs that are using GIS so this is a y-stream release.

0.22.1 (2022-04-25)

  • Update customization.rst [Lane Zhang]

  • Remove invalid example in drf-yasg migration documentation. [Nick Pope]

  • Avoid using default role in documentation. [Nick Pope]

  • Small documentation fixes. [Nick Pope]

  • improve parameter many handling and warnings #703

  • bugfix unconsidered warnings/errors for return code #706 #702

  • Include a list of applications urls as a parameter for SERVE_URLCONF #709 [anoirak]

  • bugfix/improve analyze_named_regex_pattern(path) #697 [Jon Iturmendi]

  • django-filter: added type extraction fallback for ChoiceFields #690

  • fix test, more precise naming, also wrap validation #693

  • bugfix PolymorphicProxySerializer many handling and add manual mode #692

  • Use Django management CommandError to eliminate the traceback on error [Brandon W Maister]

  • add swagger_fake_view FAQ entry #321

  • Fix #688 - avoid a TypeError when ChoiceFilter choices are a callable [Glenn Matthews]

  • map explicit float hints/decoration to double #687 #674

Breaking changes / important additions:

  • Small release consisting of minor bug fixes, improved PolymorphicProxySerializer, cleaned up documentation, and some improvements to django-filter

0.22.0 (2022-03-21)

  • Added detype_patterns() with @cache. [Nick Pope]

  • add “externalDocs” to operation via extend_schema #681

  • warn on invalid components names #685

  • wrap examples in list/pagination when serializer is many=True #641 #640 #595

  • python’s and django’s float is really “double precision” #674

  • Support negative numbers in pattern regex for coerced decimal fields [Mike Hansen]

  • add OpenAPI callback operations #665

  • Keep the urlpatterns in the apiview and pass it to the generator [Jorge Cardona]

  • django-filter: raise priority of explicitly given filter method type hints #660

  • also allow @extend_schema_field on django-filter filter method #660

  • accommodate pyright limitations #657

  • fix doc extraction for built-in types #654

  • use get_doc for description [Josh Ferge]

  • add more information to resolved TypedDicts [Josh Ferge]

  • fix url escaping bug introduced in #556 (#650)

  • pass through version from UI to schema endpoint #650

  • factor out schema_url generation #650

  • relax AcceptHeaderVersioning constraint for modification #650

  • Enable the use of lists in extend_schema_view() [François Travais]

Breaking changes / important additions:

  • This is a y-stream release with a lot of bugfixes, some new features and potentially small schema changes (if affected features are used).

  • Examples are now wrapped in pagination/lists when endpoint/serializer is many=True

  • django-filter had some internal restructuring and thus overrides are now always honored.

  • added callback functionality (EXPERIMENTAL and subject to change due to pending issue)

  • Many thanks to all the contributors!

0.21.2 (2022-02-01)

  • Add support for djangorestframework-dataclasses [Oxan van Leeuwen]

  • add version to schema for AcceptHeaderVersioning #637

  • FAQ for @api_view #635

  • add extensions for dj_rest_auth’s JWTCookieAuthentication #626

Breaking changes / important additions:

  • Some minor bugfixes and feature additions. Schemas using AcceptHeaderVersioning contain a small change.

0.21.1 (2021-12-20)

  • add root level extension setting #619

  • ease schema browser handling with “Content-Disposition” #607

  • custom settings per SpectacularAPIView instance #365

  • Support new X | Y union syntax in Python 3.10 (PEP 604) [Marti Raudsepp]

  • upstream release updates, compat test fix for jwt, consistency fix

  • add blueprint for django-auth-adfs [1110sillabo]

  • use is_list_serializer instead of isinstance() [Roman Sichnyi]

  • Fix schema generation for RecursiveField(many=True) [Roman Sichnyi]

  • enable clearing auth methods with empty list #99

  • Fix typos in the code example [Marcin Kurczewski]

Breaking changes / important additions:

  • Some minor bugfixes and small feature additions. No large schema changes are expected

0.21.0 (2021-11-10)

  • add renderer & parser whitelist setting #598

  • catch attr exception for invalid SerializerMethodField #592

  • add regression test for catch-all status codes #573

  • bugfix OpenApiResponse without description argument #591

  • introduce direction literal / import consolidation #582

  • mitigate CORS issues for external requests in Swagger UI #588

  • Swagger UI authorized schema retrieval #342 #458

  • remove cyclic import warning as fixes haves mitigated the issue. #581

  • bugfix: anchor parameter patterns with ^$

  • bugfix isolation of derivatives for @extend_schema_serializer/@extend_schema_field #585

  • add support for djangorestframework-recursive #586

  • Add blueprint for drf-extra-fields Base64FileField [johnthagen]

  • Add note about extensions registering themselves [johnthagen]

  • Document alternative to drf-yasg swagger_schema_field [johnthagen]

  • allow to bypass list detection for filter discovery #407

  • add blueprint (closes #448), fix test misnomer

  • non-blank string enforcement for parameters #282

  • add setting ENFORCE_NON_BLANK_FIELDS to enable blank checks #186

Breaking changes / important additions:

  • Fixed two more decorator isolation issues.

  • Added Swagger UI plugin to handle reloading the schema on authentication changes ('SERVE_PUBLIC': False).

  • Added minLength where a blank value is not allowed. Apart the dedicated setting, it is implicitly enabled by COMPONENT_SPLIT_REQUEST.

  • Several other small fixes and additional settings for corner cases. This is mainly a y-steam release due to the potential impact on the Swagger UI and minLength changes.

0.20.2 (2021-10-15)

  • add setting for manual path prefix: SCHEMA_PATH_PREFIX_INSERT #567

  • improve type hint for @extend_schema_field #569

  • bugfix COMPONENT_SPLIT_REQUEST for empty req/resp serializers #572

  • Make it cleared that ENUM_NAME_OVERRIDES is a key within SPECTACULAR_SETTINGS [johnthagen]

  • Improve formatting in customization docs [johnthagen]

  • bugfix @extend_schema_view on @api_view #554

  • bugfix isolation for @extend_schema/@extend_schema_view reorg #554

  • Fix inheritance bugs with @extend_schema_view(). [Nick Pope]

  • Allow methods in @extend_schema to be case insensitive. [Nick Pope]

  • Added a documentation blueprint for RapiDoc. [Nick Pope]

  • Tidy templates for documentation views. [Nick Pope]

  • Use latest version for CDN packages. [Nick Pope]

Breaking changes / important additions:

  • Mainly a bugfix release that solves several longstanding issues with @extend_schema_view/@extend_schema annotation isolation. There should be no more side effects from arbitrarily mixing and matching the decorators.

  • Improved handling of completely empty serializers with COMPONENT_SPLIT_REQUEST.

0.20.1 (2021-10-03)

  • move swagger CDN to jsdelivr (unpkg has been flaky)

  • bugfix wrong DIST setting in Redoc #546

  • Allow paginated_name customization [Georgy Komarov]

Breaking changes / important additions:

  • Hotfix release due to regression in the Redoc template

0.20.0 (2021-10-01)

  • Add support for specification extensions. [Nick Pope]

  • add example injection for (discovered) parameters #414

  • Fix crash with read-only polymorphic sub-serializer. [Nick Pope]

  • Add arbitrarily deep ListSerializer nesting #539

  • tighten serializer assumptions #539

  • fix whitespace stripping on methods

  • Rename AutoSchema._map_field_validators().insert_field_validators(). [Nick Pope]

  • Rename AutoSchema._map_min_max().insert_min_max(). [Nick Pope]

  • Fix detection of int64 from min/max values. [Nick Pope]

  • Fix zero handling in _map_min_max(). [Nick Pope]

  • Add support for introspection of nested validators. [Nick Pope]

  • Fix invalid schemas caused by validator introspection. [Nick Pope]

  • Overhaul validator logic. [Nick Pope]

  • support multiple headers in OpenApiAuthenticationExtension #537

  • docs: Missing end quote for INSTALLED_APPS [Prayash Mohapatra]

  • update doc #530

  • introducing the spectacular sidecar

  • fallback improvements to typing system with typing_extensions

Breaking changes / important additions:

  • Added vendor specification extensions

  • Completely overhauled validator logic and bugfixes

  • Offline UI assets with optional drf-spectacular-sidecar package

  • several internal logic improvements and stricter assumptions

0.19.0 (2021-09-21)

  • fix/cleanup suffixed path variable coercion #516

  • remove superseded Request mock from oauth_toolkit

  • be gracious on Enums that are not recognized by DRF #500

  • remove non-required empty descriptions

  • added test case for lookup_field #524

  • Fix grammatical typo [johnthagen]

  • remove mapping for re.Pattern (no 3.6 and mypy issues) #526

  • Add missing types defined in specification. [Nick Pope]

  • Add type mappings for IP4, IP6, TIME & DURATION. [Nick Pope]

  • add support for custom converters and converter override #502

  • cache static loading function calls

  • prevent settings loading in types, lazy load in plumbing instead

  • lazy settings loading in drainage

  • Improve guide for migration from drf-yasg. [Nick Pope]

  • handle default value for SerializerMethodField #422

  • consolidate bearer scheme generation & bugfix #515

  • prevent uncaught exception on modified django-filter #519

  • add decoupled model docstrings #522

  • Fix warnings raised during testing. [Nick Pope]

  • add name override to @extend_schema_serializer #517

  • Fix deprecation warning about default_app_config from Django 3.2+ [Janne Rönkkö]

  • Remove obsolete value from IMPORT_STRINGS. [Nick Pope]

  • Add extension for TokenVerifySerializer. [Nick Pope]

  • Use SESSION_COOKIE_NAME in SessionScheme. [Nick Pope]

  • add regex path parameter extraction for explicit cases #510

  • honor lookup_url_kwarg name customization #509

  • add contrib compat tests for drf-nested-routers

  • improve path coersion model resolution

  • add test_fields API response test #501

  • Handle ‘lookup_field’ containing relationships for path parameters [Luke Plant]

  • add BinaryField case to tests #506

  • fix: BinaryField’s schema type should be string #505 (#506) [jtamm-red]

  • bugfix incomplete regex stripping for literal dots #507

  • Fix tests [Jameel Al-Aziz]

  • Fix type hint support for functools cached_property wrapped funcs [Jameel Al-Aziz]

  • Extend enum type hint support to more Enum subclasses [Jameel Al-Aziz]

Breaking changes / important additions:

  • Severely improved path parameter detection for Django-style parameters, RE parameters, and custom converters

  • Significantly more defensive settings loading for safer project imports (less prone to import loops)

  • Improved type hint support for Enum and other native types

  • Explicit support for drf-nested-routers

  • A lot more small improvements

0.18.2 (2021-09-04)

  • fix default value handling for custom ModelField #422

  • fill html title with title from settings #491

  • add Enum support in type hints #492

  • Move system check registration to AppConfig [Jameel Al-Aziz]

Breaking changes / important additions:

  • Primarily ironing out another issue with the Django check and some minor improvements

0.18.1 (2021-08-31)

  • Improved docs regarding how ENUM_NAME_OVERRIDES works [Luke Plant]

  • bugfix raw schema handling for @extend_schema_field on SerializerMethodField method 481

  • load common SwaggerUI dep SwaggerUIStandalonePreset #483

  • allow versioning of SpectacularAPIView via query #483

  • update swagger UI

  • move checks to “–deploy” section, bugfix public=True #487

Breaking changes / important additions:

  • This is a hotfix release as the newly introduced Django check was executing the wrong code path.

  • Check also moved into the --deploy section to prevent double execution. This can be disabled with ENABLE_DJANGO_DEPLOY_CHECK

  • Facitities added to utilize SwaggerUI Topbar for versioning.

0.18.0 (2021-08-25)

  • prevent exception and warn when ReadOnlyField is used with non-ModelSerializer #432

  • allow raw JS in Swagger settings #457

  • add support for check framework #477

  • improve common FAQ @action question #399

  • update @extend_schema doc #476

  • adapt to changes in iMerica/dj-rest-auth 2.1.10 (ResendEmailVerification)

  • add raw schema to @extend_schema(request={MIME: RAW}) #476

  • bugfix test case for 3.6 #474

  • bugfix header underscore handling for simplejwt #474

  • properly parse TokenMatchesOASRequirements (oauth toolkit) #469

  • add whitelist setting to manage auth method exposure #326 #471

  • Update set_password instead of list [Greg Campion]

  • Update documentation to illustrate how to override a specific method [Greg Campion]

Breaking changes / important additions:

  • This is a y-stream release because we added Django checks which might emit warnings and subsequently break CI. This can be easily suppressed with Django’s SILENCED_SYSTEM_CHECKS.

  • Several small fixes and features that should not have a big impact.

0.17.3 (2021-07-26)

  • port custom “Bearer” bugfix/workaround to simplejwt #467

  • add setting for listing/paginating/filtering on non-2XX #402 #277

  • fix Typo [Eunsub LEE]

  • nit typofix [adamsteele-city]

  • Add a few return type annotations [Nikhil Benesch]

  • add django-filter queryset annotation and extend_schema_field support

  • account for functools.partial wrapped type hints #451

  • Update swagger_ui.js [Jordan Facibene]

  • Update customization.rst to fix example typo [Atsuo Shiraki]

  • update swagger-ui version

  • add oauth2 config for swagger ui #438

Breaking changes / important additions:

  • Just a few bugfixes and some small features with minimal impact on existing schema

0.17.2 (2021-06-15)

  • prevent endless loop in extensions when augmenting schema #426

  • bugfix secondary import cycle (generics.APIView) #430

  • fix: avoid circular import of/via rest_framework’s APIView [Daniel Hahler]

Breaking changes / important additions:

  • Hotfix release that addresses a carelessly added import in 0.17.1. In certain use-cases, this may have led to an import cycle inside DRF.

0.17.1 (2021-06-12)

  • bugfix 201 response for (List)CreateAPIVIew #428

  • support paginated ListSerializer with field child #413

  • fix django-filter.BooleanFilter subclass issue #317

  • serializer field deprecation #415

  • improve extension documentation #426

  • improve type hints and fix mypy issues on tests.

  • add missing usage case to type hints #418

  • Typo(?) README fix [Jan Jurec]

Breaking changes / important additions:

  • This release is mainly for fixing incomplete type hints which mypy will potentially complain about.

  • A few small fixes that should either have no or a very small impact in schemas.

0.17.0 (2021-06-01)

  • improve type hint detection for Iterable and NamedTuple #404

  • bugfix ReadOnlyField when used as ListSerlializer child #404

  • improve component discard logic #395

  • allow disabling operation sorting for sorting in PREPROCESSIN_HOOKS #410

  • add regression test for #407

  • fix error on read-only serializer [Matthieu Treussart]

  • invert component exclusion logic (OpenApiSerializerExtension) #351 #391

  • add many=True support to PolymorphicProxySerializer #382

  • improve documentation, remove py2 wheel tag, mark as mypy-enabled

  • bugfix YAML serialization errors that are ok with JSON #388

  • bugfix missing auth extension for JWTTokenUserAuthentication #387

  • Rename MethodSerializerField -> SerializerMethodField in README [Christoph Krybus]

Breaking changes / important additions:

  • Quite a few small improvements. The biggest change is the inversion of the component discard logic. This should have no negative impact, but to be on the safe side we’ll opt for a y-stream release.

  • The package is now marked as being typed, which should get picked up natively by mypy

0.16.0 (2021-05-10)

  • add redoc dist setting

  • bugfix mock request asymmetry #370 #250

  • refactor urlpattern simplification #373 #168

  • include relation PKs into SCHEMA_COERCE_PATH_PK handling #251

  • allow PolymorphicProxySerializer to be simple ‘oneOf’

  • bugfix incorrect PolymorphicProxySerializer warning on extend_schema_field #263

  • add break-out option for SerializerFieldExtension

  • Modify urls for nested routers [Matthias Erll]

Breaking changes / important additions:

  • Revamped handling of mocked requests. Now GET_MOCK_REQUEST is always called, not just for offline schema generation. In case there is a real request available, we carry over headers and authentication. If you use your own implementation, you may want to inspect the new default implementation.

  • NamespaceVersioning: switched path variable substitution from regex to custom state machine due to parethesis counting issue.

  • Improved implicit support for drf-nested-routers

  • Added some convenience options for plain oneOf to PolymorphicProxySerializer

  • This release should have minimal impact on the generated schema. We opt for a y-stream release due to potentially breaking changes when a user-provided GET_MOCK_REQUEST is used.

0.15.1 (2021-04-08)

  • bugfix prefix estimation with RE special char literals in path #358

Breaking changes / important additions:

  • minor release to fix newly introduced default prefix estimation.

0.15.0 (2021-04-03)

  • fix boundaries for decimals coerced to strings #335

  • improve util type hints

  • add convenience response wrapper OpenApiResponse #345 #272 #116

  • adapt for dj-rest-auth upstream changes in iMerica/dj-rest-auth#227

  • Fixed traversing of ‘Optional’ type annotations [Luke Plant]

  • prevent pagination on error responses. #277

  • fix SCHEMA_PATH_PREFIX_TRIM ^/ pitfall & remove unused old URL mounting

  • slightly improve #332 for django-filter range filters

  • introduce non-redundant title field. #191 #286

  • improve schema version string handling including variations #303

  • bugfix ENUM_NAME_OVERRIDES for categorized choices #339

  • improve SCHEMA_PATH_PREFIX handling, add auto-detect default, introduce prefix trimming #336

  • add support for all django-filters RangeFilter [Jules Waldhart]

  • Added default value for missing attribute [Matthias Erll]

  • Fix map_renderers where format is None [Matthias Erll]

Breaking changes / important additions:

  • explicitly set responses via @extend_schema will not get paginated/listed anymore for non 2XX status codes.

  • New default None for SCHEMA_PATH_PREFIX will attempt to determine a reasonable prefix. Previous behavior is restored with ''

  • Added OpenApiResponses to gain access to response object descriptions.

0.14.0 (2021-03-09)

  • Fixed bug with cached_property non-Model objects not being traversed [Luke Plant]

  • Fixed issue #314 - include information about view/serializer in warnings. [Luke Plant]

  • bugfix forward/reverse model traversal #323

  • fix nested serializer detection & smarter metadata extraction #319

  • add drf-yasg compatibility feature ‘swagger_fake_view’ #321

  • fix django-filter through model edge case & catch exceptions #320

  • refactor/bugfix PATCH & Serializer(partial=True) behaviour.

  • bugfix django-filter custom filter class resolution #317

  • bugfix django-filter for Django 2.2 AutoField

  • improved/restructured resolution priority in django-filter extension #317 #234

  • handle Decimals for YAML #316

  • remove deprecated django-filter backend solution

  • update swagger-ui version

  • bugfix [] case and lint #312

  • discriminate None and typing.Any usage #315

  • fix multi-step source relation field resolution, again. #274 #296

  • Add any type for OpenApiTypes [André da Silva]

  • improve Extension usage documentation #307

  • restructure request body for extend_schema #266 #279

  • bugfix multipart boundary showing up in Accept header

  • bugfix: use get_parsers() and get_renderers() #266

  • Fix for better support of PEP 563 compatible annotations. [Luke Plant]

  • Add document authentication [gongul]

  • Do not override query params [Fabricio Aguiar]

  • New setting for enabling/disabling error/warn messages [Fabricio Aguiar]

  • bugfix response headers without body #297

  • issue #296 [Luis Saavedra]

  • Fixes #283 – implement response header parameters [Sergei Maertens]

  • Added feature test for response headers [Sergei Maertens]

  • robustify django-filter enum sorting #295

Breaking changes / important additions:

  • drf-spectacular’s custom DjangoFilterBackend removed after previous deprecation. Just use the original class again.

  • django-filter extension received a significant refactoring so your schema may have several changes, hopefully positive ones.

  • Added response headers feature

  • Extended @extend_schema(request=X), where X may now also be a Dict[content_type, serializer_etc]

  • Updated Swagger UI version

  • Fixed several model traversal issues that may lead to PK changes in the schema

  • Added drf-yasg’s swagger_fake_view

0.13.2 (2021-02-11)

  • add setting for operation parameter sorting #281

  • bugfix/generalize Union hint extraction #284

  • bugfix functools.partial methods in django-filters #290

  • bugfix django-filter method filter #290

  • Check serialzer help_text field is passed to the query description [Jorge Rodríguez-Flores Esparza]

  • QUERY Parameters from serializer ignore description in SwaggerUI [Jorge Rodríguez-Flores Esparza]

  • README.rst encoding change [gongul]

  • Add support for SCOPES_BACKEND_CLASS setting from django-oauth-toolkit [diesieben07]

  • use source instead of field_name for model field detection #274 [diesieben07]

  • bugfix parameter removal from custom AutoSchema #212

  • add specification extension option to info section #165

  • add default to OpenApiParameter #271

  • show violating view for easier fixing #278

  • fix readonly related fields generating incorrect schema #274 [diesieben07]

  • bugfix save parameter removal #212

0.13.1 (2021-01-21)

  • bugfix/handle more django-filter cases #263

  • bugfix missing meta on extend_serializer_field, raw schema, and breakout

  • expose explode and style for OpenApiParameter #267

  • Only generate mock request if there is no actual request [Matthias Erll]

  • Update blueprints.rst [takizuka]

  • bugfix enum substitution for enumed arrays (multiple choice)

  • Update README.rst [Chad Ramos]

  • Create new mock request on each operation [Matthias Erll]

0.13.0 (2021-01-13)

  • add setting for additionalProperties handling #238

  • bugfix path param extraction for PrimaryKeyRelatedField #258

  • use injected django-filter help_text #234

  • robustify normalization of types #257

  • bugfix PATCH split serializer disparity #249

  • django-filter description bugfix #234

  • bugfix unsupported http verbs #244

  • bugfix assert on methods in django-filter #252 #234 #241

  • Regression: Filterset defined as method (and from a @property) are not supported [Nicolas Delaby]

  • bugfix view-level AutoSchema noneffective with extend_schema #241

  • bugfix incorrect warning on paginated actions #233

Breaking changes:

  • several small improvements that should not have a big impact. this is a y-stream release mainly due to schema changes that may occur with django-filter.

0.12.0 (2020-12-19)

  • add exclusion for discovered parameters #212

  • bugfix incorrect collision warning #233

  • introduce filter extensions #234

  • revert Swagger UI view to single request and alternative #211 #173

  • bugfix Simple JWT token refresh #232

  • bugfix simple JWT serializer schema #232

  • Fix enum postprocessor to allow 0 as possible value [Vikas]

  • bugfix/restore optional default parameter value #226

  • Include QuerySerializer in documentation [KimSoungRyoul]

  • support OAS3.0 ExampleObject to @extend_schema & @extend_schema_serializer #115 [KimSoungRyoul]

  • add explicit double and int32 types. #214

  • added type extension for int64 format support [Peter Dreuw]

  • fix TokenAuthentication handling of keyword #205

  • Allow callable limit_value in schema [Serkan Hosca]

  • @extend_schema responses param now accepts tuples with media type #201

  • bugfix List hint extraction with non-basic sub types #207

Breaking changes:

  • reverted back to 0.10.0 Swagger UI behavior as default. Users relying on stricter CSP should use SpectacularSwaggerSplitView

  • tokenAuth slightly changed to properly model correct Authorization header

  • a lot of minor improvements that may slightly alter the schema

0.11.1 (2020-11-15)

  • bugfix hint extraction on @cached_property #198

  • add support for basic TypedDict hints #184

  • improve type hint resolution #199

  • add option to disable Null/Blank enum choice feature #185

  • bugfix return code for Viewset create methods #196

  • honor SCHEMA_COERCE_PATH_PK on path param type resolution #194

  • bugfix absolute schema URL to relative in UI #193

Breaking changes:

  • return code for create on ViewSet changed from 200 to 201. Some generator targets are picky, others don’t care.

0.11.0 (2020-11-06)

  • Remove unnecessary view permission from action [Vikas]

  • Fix security definition for IsAuthenticatedOrReadOnly permission [Vikas]

  • introduce convenience decorator @schema_extend_view #182

  • bugfix override behaviour of extend_schema with methods and views

  • move some plumbing to drainage to make importable without cirular import issues

  • bugfix naming for ListSerializer with pagination #183

  • cleanup trailing whitespace in docstrings

  • normalize regex in pattern, remove ECMA-incompatible URL pattern #175

  • remove Swagger UI inline script for stricter CSP #173

  • fixed typo [Sebastian Pabst]

  • add the PASSWORD format to [Sebastian Pabst]

  • docs(settings): fix favicon example [Max Wittig]

Breaking changes:

  • @extend_schema override mechanics are now consistent. may affect schema only if used on both view and view method

  • otherwise mainly small improvement/fixes that should have minimal impact on the schema.

0.10.0 (2020-10-20)

  • bugfix non-effective multi-usage of view extension.

  • improve resolvable enum collisions with split components

  • Update README.rst [Jose Luis da Cruz Junior]

  • fix regular expression in detype_pattern [Ruslan Ibragimov]

  • improve enum naming with resolvable collisions

  • improve handling of discouraged SECURITY setting (fixes #48 fixes #136)

  • instance check with ViewSetMixin instead of GenericViewSet [SoungRyoul Kim]

  • support swagger-ui-settings [SoungRyoul Kim]

  • Change Settings variable, allow override of default swagger settings and remove unnecessary line [Nix]

  • Fix whitespace issues in code [Nix]

  • Allow Swagger-UI configuration through settings Closes #162 [Nix]

  • extend django_filters test case #155

  • add enum postprocessing handling of blank and null #135

  • rest-auth improvements

  • test_rest_auth: Add test schema transforms [John Vandenberg]

  • tests: Allow transformers on expected schemas [John Vandenberg]

  • Improve schema difference test harness [John Vandenberg]

  • Add rest-auth tests [John Vandenberg]

  • contrib: Add rest-auth support [John Vandenberg]

Breaking changes:

  • enum naming collision resolution changed in cleanly resolvable situations.

  • enums gained null and blank cases, which are modeled through oneOf for deduplication

  • SECURITY setting is now additive instead of being the mostly overridden default

0.9.14 (2020-10-04)

  • improve client generation for paginated listings

  • update pinned swagger-ui version #160

  • Hot fix for AcceptVersioningHeader support [Nicolas Delaby]

  • bugfix module string includes with urlpatterns #157

  • add expressive error in case of misconfiguration #156

  • fix django-filter related resolution. improve test #150 #151

  • improve follow_field_source for reverse resolution and model leafs #150

  • add ref if list field child is serializer [Matt Shirley]

  • add customization option for mock request generation #135

Breaking changes:

  • paginated list response is now wrapped in its own component

0.9.13 (2020-09-13)

  • bugfix filter parameter application on non-list views #147

  • improved support for django-filter

  • add mocked request for view processing. #81 #141

  • Use sha256 to hash lists [David Davis]

  • change empty operation name on API prefix-cut to “root”

  • bugfix lost “missing hint” warning and incorrect empty fallback

  • add operationId collision resolution #137

  • bugfix leaking path var names in operationId #137

  • add config for camelizing names #138

  • bugfix parameterized patterns for namespace versioning #145

  • Add support for Accept header versioning [Krzysztof Socha]

  • support for DictField child type (#142) and models.JSONField (Django>=3.1)

  • add convenience inline_serializer for extend_schema #139

  • remove multipleOf due to schema violation #131

Breaking changes:

  • operationId changed for endpoints using the DRF’s FORMAT path feature.

  • operationId changed where there were path variables leaking into the name.

0.9.12 (2020-07-22)

  • Temporarily pin the swagger-ui unpkg URL to 3.30.0 [Mohamed Abdulaziz]

  • Add deepLinking parameter [p.alekseev]

  • added preprocessing hooks for operation list modification/filtering #93

  • Document effective DRF settings [John Vandenberg]

  • add format query parameter #110

  • improve assert messages #126

  • more graceful handling of magic fields #126

  • allow for field child on ListSerializer. #120

  • Fix sorting of endpoints with params [John Vandenberg]

  • Emit enum of possible format suffixes [John Vandenberg]

  • i18n #109

  • bugfix INSTALLED_APP retrieval #114

  • emit import warning for extensions with installed apps #114

Breaking changes:

  • drf_spectacular.hooks.postprocess_schema_enums moved from blumbing to hooks for consistency. Only relevant if POSTPROCESSING_HOOKS is explicitly set by user.

  • preprocessing hooks are currently experimental and may change on the next release.

0.9.11 (2020-07-08)

  • extend instead of replace extra parameters #111

  • add client generator helper settings for readOnly

  • bugfix format param: path params must be required=True

  • bugfix DRF docstring excludes and configuration #107

  • bugfix operations with urlpattern override #92

  • decrease built-in extension priority and improve doc #106

  • add option to hide serializer fields #100

  • allow None on @extend_schema request/response

  • bugfix json spec violation on “required :[]” for COMPONENT_SPLIT_REQUEST

Breaking changes:

  • @extend_schema(parameters=...) is extending instead of replacing for custom AutoSchema

  • path parameter are now always required=True as required by specification

0.9.10 (2020-06-23)

  • bugfix cyclic import in plumbing. #104

  • add upstream test target with contrib allowed to fail

  • preparations for django 3.1 and DRF 3.12

  • improve tox targets for unreleased upstream

0.9.9 (2020-06-20)

  • added explicit URL option to UI views. #103

  • improve auth extension doc #99

  • bugfix attr typo with Token auth extension #99

  • improve docstring extraction #96

  • Manual polymorphic [Jair Henrique]

  • Add summary field to extend_schema #97 [lilisha100]

  • reduce minimal package requirements

  • extend sdist with tests & doc

  • bugfix nested RO/WO serializer on COMPONENT_SPLIT_REQUEST

  • add pytest option –skip-missing-contrib #87

  • Save test files in temporary folder [Jair Henrique]

  • Setup isort library [Jair Henrique]

0.9.8 (2020-06-07)

  • bugfix read-only many2many relation processing #79

  • Implement OrderedDict representer for yaml dumper [Jair Henrique]

  • bugfix UI permissions #84

  • fix abc import #82

  • add duration field #78

0.9.7 (2020-06-05)

  • put contrib code in packages named files

  • improve djangorestframework-camel-case support #73

  • Add support to djangorestframework-camel-case [Jair Henrique]

  • ENUM_NAME_OVERRIDES accepts import string for easier handling #70

  • honor versioning on schema UIs #71

  • improve enum naming mechanism. #63 #70

  • provide global enum naming. #70

  • refactor choice field

  • remove unused sorter setting

  • improve FileField, add test and documentation. #69

  • Fix file fields [John Vandenberg]

  • allow for functions on models beside properties. #68

  • replace removed DRF compat function

Breaking changes:

  • Enum naming conflicts are now resolved explicitly. how to resolve conflicts

  • Choice fields may be rendered slightly different

  • Swagger UI and Redoc views now honor versioned requests

  • Contrib package code moved. each package has its own file now

0.9.6 (2020-05-23)

  • overhaul documentation #52

  • improve serializer field mapping (nullbool & time)

  • remove duplicate and misplaced description. #61

  • extract serializer docstring

  • Recognise ListModelMixin as a list [John Vandenberg]

  • bugfix component sorting to include enums. #60

  • bugfix fail on missing readOnly flag

  • Fix incorrect parameter cutting [p.alekseev]

0.9.5 (2020-05-20)

  • add optional serializer component split

  • improve SerializerField meta extraction

  • improve serializer directionality

  • add mypy static analysis

  • make all readonly fields required for output. #54

  • make yaml multi-line strings nicer

  • alphanumeric component sorting.

  • generalize postprocessing hooks

  • extension override through priority attr

Breaking changes:

  • Schemas are functionally identical, but component sorting changed slightly.

  • All read_only fields are required by default

  • SerializerFieldExtension gained direction parameter

0.9.4 (2020-05-13)

  • robustify serializer resolution & enum postprocessing

  • expose api_version to command. robustify version matching. #22

  • add versioning support #22

  • robustify urlconf wrapping. resolver does not like lists

  • explicit override for non-list serializers on ViewSet list #49

  • improve model field mapping via DRF init logic

  • bugfix enum substitution with additional field parameters.

  • Fix getting default parameter for MultipleChoiceField [p.alekseev]

  • bugfix model path traversal via intermediate property

  • try to be more graceful with unknown custom model fields. #33

Breaking changes:

  • If URL or namespace versioning is set in views, it is automatically used for generation. Schemas might shrink because of that. Explicit usage of --api-version="XXX" should yield the old result.

  • Some warnings might change, as the field/view introspection tries to go deeper.

0.9.3 (2020-05-07)

  • Add (partial) support for drf-yasg’s serializer ref_name #27

  • Add thin wrappers for redoc and swagger-ui. #19

  • Simplify serializer naming override #27

  • Handle drf type error for yaml. #41

  • Tox.ini: Add {posargs} [John Vandenberg]

  • add djangorestframework-jwt auth handler [John Vandenberg]

  • Docs: example of a manual configuration to use a apiKey in securitySchemes [Jelmer Draaijer]

  • Introduce view override extension

  • Consolidate extensions

  • Parse path parameter type hints from url. closes #34

  • Consolidate duplicate warnings/add error #28

  • Prevent warning for DRF format suffix param

  • Improve ACCEPT header handling #42

Breaking changes:

  • all extension base classes moved to drf_spectacular.extensions

0.9.2 (2020-04-27)

  • Fix incorrect PK access through id. #25.

  • Enable attr settings on SpectacularAPIView #35.

  • Bugfix @api_view annotation and tests.

  • Fix exception/add support for explicit ListSerializer #29.

  • Introduce custom serializer field extension mechanic. enables tackling #31

  • Improve serializer estimation with educated guesses. #28.

  • Bugfix import error and incorrect warning #26.

  • Improve scope parsing for oauth2. #26.

  • Postprocessing enums to components

  • Handle decimal coersion. closes #24.

  • Improvement: patched serializer variation only on request.

  • Add serializer directionality.

  • End the bucket brigade / cleaner interface.

  • Add poly serializer warning.

  • Bugfix: add serialization for default values.

  • Bugfix reverse access collision from schema to view.

Breaking changes:

  • internal interface changed (method & path removed)

  • fewer PatchedSerializers emitted

  • Enums are no longer inlined

0.9.1 (2020-04-09)

  • Bugfix missing openapi schema spec json in package

  • Add multi-method action decoration support.

  • rest-polymorphic str loading prep.

  • Improve list view detection.

  • Bugfix: response codes must be string. closes #17.

0.9.0 (2020-03-29)

  • Add missing related serializer fields #15.

  • Bugfix properties with $ref component. closes #16.

  • Bugfix polymorphic resource_type lookup. closes #14.

  • Generalize plugin system.

  • Support required parameter for body. [p.alekseev]

  • Improve serializer retrieval.

  • Add query serializer support #10.

  • Custom serializer parsing with plugins.

  • Refactor auth plugin system. support for DjangoOAuthToolkit & SimpleJWT.

  • Bugfix extra components.

Breaking changes:

  • removed to_schema() from OpenApiParameter. Handled in AutoSchema now.

0.8.8 (2020-03-21)

  • Documentation.

  • Schema serving with SpectacularAPIView (configurable)

  • Add generator stats and --fail-on-warn command option.

  • Schema validation with --validation against OpenAPI JSON specification

  • Added various settings.

  • Bugfix/add support for basic type responses (parity with requests)

  • Bugfix required in parameters. failed schema validation.

  • Add validation against OpenAPI schema specification.

  • Improve parameter resolution, warnings and tests.

  • Allow default parameter override. (e.g. id)

  • Fix queryset function call. [p.g.alekseev]

  • Supporting enum values in params. [p.g.alekseev]

  • Allow @extend_schema request basic type annotation.

  • Add support for typing Optional[*]

  • Bugfix: handle proxy models where pk is a OnetoOne relation.

  • Warn on duplicate serializer names.

  • Added explicit exclude flag for operation.

  • Bugfix: PrimaryKeyRelatedField(read_only=True) failing to find type.

  • Change operation sorting to alphanumeric with option (#6)

  • Robustify serializer field support for @extend_schema_field.

  • Enable field serializers support. [p.g.alekseev]

  • Adding custom tags support [p.g.alekseev]

  • Document extend_schema.

  • Allow operation hiding.

  • Catch unknown model traversals. custom fields can be tricky.

  • Improve model field mapping. extend field tests.

  • Add deprecated method to extend_schema decorator. [p.g.alekseev]

Breaking changes:

  • @extend_schema renamed extra_parameters -> parameters

  • ExtraParameter renamed to OpenApiParameter

0.8.5 (2020-03-08)

  • Generalize PolymorphicResponse into PolymorphicProxySerializer.

  • Type dict is resolved as object.

  • Simplify hint resolution.

  • Allow @extend_schema_field for custom serializer fields.

0.8.4 (2020-03-06)

  • @extend_schema_field accepts Serializers and OpenApiTypes

  • Generalize query parameter.

  • Bugfix serializer init.

  • Fix unused get_request_serializer.

  • Refactor and robustify typing system.

  • Helper scripts for swagger and generator.

  • Fix license.

0.8.3 (2020-03-02)

  • Fix parameter type resolution.

  • Remove empty parameters.

  • Improved assert message.

0.8.2 (2020-03-02)

  • Working release.

  • Bugfix wrong call & remove yaml aliases.

0.8.1 (2020-03-01)

  • Initial published version.